Form Groups#

This tab allows you to access a breakdown for form groups in the year group. You can use this to identify which form groups are in need of additional support in your year group.

You can see the following information for each form group:

  • Attendance - The average attendance.

  • Detentions - The total number of detentions.

  • House Points - The total number of house points.

  • Total Incidents - The total number of incidents.

  • Serious Incidents - The total number of serious incidents.

  • Low Level Incidents - The total number of low level incidents.

  • Number of Students - The number of students assigned to the form group.

  • Supervisor - The supervisor(s) for the form group is shown so that you can easily contact the right person to collaborate with if required.


This page is protected by the following permissions:

  • View Year Group Overview Dashboards

This page is available to users with the following roles:

  • Staff Members

    • Available with permission

    • Automatically available for heads of year