Homework Task Grading#

A homework task that’s been submitted and was marked as being a graded task should have a grade added to it to provide instant feedback to students and parents/contacts. Recording the grades electronically should provide an easy to use central repository or “gradebook” for your homework. You’ll be able to see which students are having problems with homework and identify trends within the class more easily.

As a school, there will be a greater visibility and level of information available to all staff allowing more informed decisions to be made by everyone.


You won’t be able to grade homework tasks with the submission type set to none or that you chose not to record grades for.

Grading Tasks#

By selecting the Grades option from the My Classes screen you’ll be able to see the grading details of the selected homework task.

Depending on the type of submissions accepted by the homework task, you’ll be taken to a slightly different screen.


Once a homework task has been archived you wont be able to update the grading details or access the related submission file or graded file.

Grading In Class Submissions#

In class submissions don’t have a file for you to review, you’ll already have the work. You’ll need to update the submission status of each student as well as the grade so that you have a record of which students submitted work and which didn’t.

Once you’ve marked the work, simply provide the grade in the grade column by selecting it from the drop down. You can also optionally provide some detail about the grade that you’d like the student to be able to see. The system automatically saves the provided details once you’ve entered them.


Don’t forget to record which students submitted their work late so that they school has accurate data to work with.

Grading Electronic File Submissions#

Electronic file submissions contain files provided by the students. You’ll see a drop down list containing students in the class that have provided submissions. To see a students submission file, select the student from the drop down.


You can switch between students by clicking the next and previous buttons or by selecting the desired student from the drop down.

After selection the students details will be loaded. You’ll be able to see:

  • What file the student submitted.

  • When the student submitted the file.

  • Was the submission late.

  • The students grade and grade detail.

  • The graded submission file.

If the file is one of the supported types that support previewing you’ll see a preview of the file. This allows you to review the students work without leaving their browser. Currently the following file types support previewing:

  • C# Files (.cs)

  • Microsoft Word Documents (.docx)

  • PDF Files (.pdf)

  • Python Files (.py)

  • SQL Files (.sql)

  • Text Files (.txt)


The Microsoft Word preview support is not full featured. It will not convert some of the more complex Word specific features to a preview window. However it does support previewing most of the common components of Word documents.


This is not an editing window, you will not be able to edit any of the files, you’ll need to download the file if you need to make changes and then upload it with your changes as the graded submission.

You can specify the students grade and optionally provide more detail about the grade by editing the content of the corresponding items in the side bar.


The system automatically removes your graded files after a given period. This means that they won’t be stored forever, you should ensure you that you save a copy of your them somewhere in case you want to review them at a later date and they are no longer available.

Grading Electronic Online Submissions#

Electronic online submissions contain content that the student creates within the Homework editor.

You can see the content of the submission and provide additional comments of your own to give the students in depth feedback.

Once you’ve marked the work you should select a grade from the drop down to update the student. Once a grade has been selected the student will be able to see your edited content and comments for their submission.


If you want to take your time editing the content of the submission before providing access to the student, don’t select a grade from the drop down. Once selected the student and their parents will be able to see the feedback.