Version 8.8#

Released: 30 Apr 2023


Email Student Teachers#

  • Improved the performance of staff member selection on the page.



  • Fixed an issue preventing the visible date from being selected.


Class Groups#

  • Updated the API to support syncing of historical class group data. We will now sync historical class groups data for your configured number of years.

Student Contacts#

  • Fixed an issue causing a staff member who used to be a student contact from being de-activated incorrectly.

SIMS Integration#

Class Groups#

  • Updated the sync tool to support sending historical class group data to us.

  • Improved the performance of the class group syncing and reduced the overhead required on your SIMS server for running this sync.

  • Added new settings to optimise how historical class group data is synced with us.

Student Contacts#

  • Updated contact sync to prevent it from sending contacts with no students to us.

Year Groups#

  • Fixed an issue preventing a year group that was created and then deleted from syncing correctly with us.


  • Security updates to the underlying platform.