Student Timetables#

Student Timetables are synced from SIMS if you have any module enabled.

What Data is Imported?#

The following details from the students timetable are imported, they are imported as timetable events.

  • Class Name - Mapped to event description and title.

  • End Time - Mapped to event end time.

  • Event Instance ID - Mapped to event Third Party ID.

  • Location Name - Mapped to event location.

  • Period - Users can’t see this field.

  • Start Time - Mapped to event start time.

  • Staff Member - Mapped to event description.

  • Student - Used to map events to the correct student’s timetable.

  • Subject - Mapped to event title.


Timetable events are only imported if the student exist. Check the Third Party Integration module for errors with a user if they don’t appear. If you’re using the Bookings module this could potentially mean that the rooms are shown as available when there are timetabled events in that room. It’s important you correct any errors as soon as you’re notified about them.

What Records Won’t be Imported?#

There are certain circumstances where a record won’t be imported.

The likely scenarios for a record failing are:

  • No user - If the student user hasn’t been imported then the timetable won’t be imported.


We produce an output of the records that error so that you can see them and their errors. Allowing you to fix them and sync them successfully. These errors are also sent to us so that you can view them online.


The permissions required by other sync processes are also required. All permissions required for:

  • Class groups syncing

  • Period syncing

  • Room syncing

  • Staff member syncing

  • Students syncing

  • Subjects syncing