Teaching periods are synced from SIMS if you have the Bookings module enabled. In this case the teaching periods that are configured in SIMS are imported.


We currently only support 1 week timetable cycles being imported. If your school would like to use SIMS integration and uses a 2 week timetable please get in contact with your account manager and we’ll be happy to look at adding support.


This is not part of the automatically synced data due to complexities surrounding this data and timetabling. It’s run as a separate manual process and should only be run when the school day structure is updated at your school. We’ll help you run this during the initial setup period to import your school day structure. In order to prevent issues with data being incorrectly updated we disable this sync immediately after the initial import is complete. You’ll need to contact the support team if you intend to update your school day structure so that we can enable it for you.

What Data is Imported#

The following details from the teaching period are imported, they are imported as fixed start and end time slot entries to the School Day time slot group in the Bookings module.

  • End Time - Mapped to End Time

  • Event ID - Mapped to Third Party ID (This field isn’t visible to users)

  • Name - An algorithm is used to create a standard period name from the SIMS name, resulting in names like “Period 1”. This is then mapped to Name.

  • Start Time - Mapped to Start Time


The following SIMS permissions are required for the sync to complete successfully:

  • Curriculum -> Academic Basic -> View (All)

  • Curriculum -> Timetable Basic -> View (All)

  • School Management -> Home School -> View (All)

  • School Management -> School Diary -> View (All)

  • Staff -> Timetable and academic classes -> View (All)

  • Students -> Timetable and academic classes -> View (All)