This tab is designed to show senior leaders at the school a picture of the students with the lowest attendance at the school. It provides summarised information allowing school leaders to identify individual students with issues and intervene before they become more serious.

There are a number of figures within the report:

The details of the student including name, form group and school identifier.

The total number of present marks for the student.

Approved Educational Activity (AEA)
The total number of marks for the student being at an approved educational activity.

Authorised Absences
The total number of authorised absence marks for the student.

Unauthorised Absences
The total number of unauthorised absence marks for the student.

Late Marks
The number of individual late marks that the student has received.

Possible Marks
The total number of marks that could have been recorded by the school for the student.

Attendance Percentage
The total attendance percentage for the student.

You can drill into the students attendance details by clicking the profile icon for the student to the right of the corresponding row of the table.


The attendance percentage column will be coloured based on the attendance thresholds configured by the school.


Any student that was on roll at any point during the academic year is included this analytics.