Staff Audit Questions#

These are the questions you want to ask staff when completing an audit.


We recommend that you configure your Staff Audit Questions once per school year, that way you can compare results and assess improvements across the year.

Creating A Question#

To create a new question click the Create Staff Audit Question option from the Staff Audits section of the side menu.

You need to enter the text of the question and optionally some detail (for example a qualifying statement) before clicking the save button to add the question.

Editing A Question#

You can edit an existing question by selecting the View / Edit Staff Audit Questions option from the STaff Audits section of the side menu.

Here you’ll see a list of the current questions for editing, you can change the question or detail by selecting the field on the corresponding row and typing in the updated value.

If you have permission you can also delete a question you no longer wish to ask by selecting the corresponding checkbox and then clicking delete from the tables action bar. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice before the question is deleted.