User Impersonation#

If you have permission you can impersonate other users within the system. This feature was designed with administrators in mind to allow them to see what a user would be seeing.


This allows a user to essentially log in as someone else without needing that users password. You should not assign these permissions to anyone other than trusted users.


Activity completed while impersonating another user will show as being carried out by that user.

Impersonating A User#

If you have permission to impersonate another user you’ll see the impersonation icon on the top right menu bar.

Select the Impersonate Another User option from the drop down menu. This will take you to the user selection screen.

Here you’ll be shown a list of the users that you have permission to impersonate, simply select the user from the drop down and click the impersonate button. You’ll be signed in as that user and taken back to their dashboard page.

Stop Impersonating A User#

When you’re currently impersonating a user, you’ll see their name next to the impersonation icon on the top right menu bar.

You can stop impersonating the user and sign back into your account by selecting the Stop Impersonating button. This will sign you back into your account and take you to your dashboard.


To provide a user with access to this functionality you should apply the following permissions.

  • Impersonate Contact Users

  • Impersonate Sixth Form Applicant Contact Users

  • Impersonate Sixth Form Applicant Users

  • Impersonate Staff Users

  • Impersonate Student Users