Product Feedback#

Product feedback is a way for you to tell us about your experience.

If you’re happy about the way something works then we’d love to hear about your experience so that we can try and do more of the same.

If on the other hand something isn’t going so great, we’re really sorry! We’d still like to hear from you as well so that we can use your feedback to improve the product.

Either way it’s quick and easy to tell us what you think, just click the “Provide Feedback” option inside the Help menu. (It’s in the top right on a desktop and in the standard menu on a mobile)

All you have to do is select the face that best represents your experience and tell us what about it.

Feedback Form

If you’re happy for us to contact you via email about your feedback then select yes on the contact option. If we need to clarify or would like to collect additional information we’ll be in touch. We will only contact you in relation to this piece of feedback and never anything else without your permission.


The contact option is not available to students, we won’t contact students directly even if they choose to provide feedback.


When providing feedback try to be as specific and detailed as possible so that we have all the information we need to use your feedback effectively.


Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback about the system, we need to hear from people like you to understand what you need most!