Seating Plans#

Seating plans allow a teacher to create a plan of where students are sitting within their classes. This can be used to ensure you create the best learning environment for your students taking into account things like the student groupings, room layout and student special requirements.

Create a New Seating Plan#

You can create a new seating plan for a class from the classes dashboard by clicking the seating plans tab at the top of the screen. You’ll be able to see the existing seating plans for this class group. To add a new plan, click the New button one the top action bar.

You’ll then need to select the type of seating plan to create. If the class has any timetable entries you can select to create a seating plan using the information from the timetable, making the process simpler. If there are no timetable entries for the class, you’ll have to select this information manually.

If you’re manually creating the seating plan you’ll need to choose the room, staff member and a date range for the seating plan to remain active. If you’re creating from a timetable entry you won’t need to select any of this information as it’s all inherited from the timetable.


If you’ve booked a computer room and want to do a seating plan for the class while they’re in that room, choose the manual option.

Once this information is selected you can create the room layout. Drag the tables onto the layout area to represent the layout of the room. You can then drag the students onto the tables that you’ve placed.

Once all of the students are in position on the plan, click the save button to save the plan.


You must place all students in the class before you can save the seating plan and all students must be placed onto a table.


You can only have one active seating plan per class, teacher and room combination at a time. If you create a seating plan and later the same day create another you will override the existing one with the new one. If you want to create a new seating plan for the class group but want to keep a record of the current one then you should wait until the seating plan has been active for at least one day before changing it.

View a Seating Plan#

You can view the seating plans for a class from the classes dashboard by clicking the seating plans tab.

If there is more than one seating plan you can switch between them by selecting the desired seating plan from the drop down list. The new seating plan will be loaded on the page for you to view.


The supervisor of the class group is automatically provided access to seating plans for their classes. As well as this built in authorisation you can assign the following permissions to allow access to additional users.

  • Manage All Class Group Seating Plans

  • View All Class Group Seating Plans