Preview Features#

As new features are introduced, you can turn them on or off. That way, you can try them out, provide feedback, and work with those features that meet your requirements.

Some preview features provide access to entire new functionality. Others reflect a change to the user interface, but little or no change in functionality.

Preview features are features that aren’t complete, but are made available on a “preview” basis so customers can get early access and provide feedback. Preview features:

  • Are not included under any support agreements.

  • May have limited or restricted functionality.

  • May only be available to specific users.


At some point, after feedback has been collected and any changes made as a result, each preview feature will move out of preview and become a regular feature.


We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or about any issues you may have with the preview features. Use the feedback mechanism to provide this feedback and we will review each piece and use your feedback to improve the product before it’s final release.

Why do we release preview features?#

Preview features are a great way for us to collect feedback from users and improve the quality of the final feature. They allow you to use a feature and have some involvement in it’s development, this means it’s more likely to do what you want/need it to when it’s complete and released. The more people that use a feature while it’s in preview the better as everyone uses computer systems in their own way and the only way to make it work for everyone is to get feedback and opinions from a wide range of users.


If you do decide to give a preview feature a try we would really appreciate it if you took some time to send us your feedback. We value positive feedback as much as suggestions for changes and both are used to improve the current features and any new features that are developed.

How do I enable a preview feature?#

Some preview features are available for individual users to turn on or off and others are available at the school level.

A preview feature available for individual users is controlled by each user. If they want to turn it on and try out the new feature they can, and if they need to turn it off again then that’s ok too. User’s can manage their preview features from their My Account pages in the Preview Features section.

A preview feature available for the school is controlled via app settings. A user with permission at the school will be able to update the preview features status.

How do I report an issue or provide other feedback?#

To provide feedback, suggestions or to report an issue for a preview feature please use the Provide Feedback button from the help menu. Your feedback will be reviewed and used to improve the product before it’s release.