The summary page contains information allowing you to see a high level overview of the class group.

The following information is available:

  • Student List

    • The full list of students for the class including their profile pictures, names and form groups.

  • Active Homework

    • The full list of active homework tasks. This shows tasks due today or in the future and provides a quick way to access the most relevant tasks for this class.

    • Click a task in the list to be taken straight to that tasks details.

    • Click the all homework button in the top right to access all homework for the class.

  • Homework Summary

    • This shows a summary of all homework that’s been set for this class in this academic year. It shows a total number of homework tasks set for the class.

    • Clicking the more option will show a month by month breakdown for the classes homework (grouped by staff member).


The following permissions control access to this functionality:

  • View Class Group Overview Dashboards


Users that are a supervisor of a class group are automatically given access to this dashboard for those groups.