SEND Information#

This page shows you the SEND information for the student. You’ll be able to see a full history of SEN provisions and needs for the student along with their active date ranges.


If this data is being synced from a third party system you won’t be able to edit some of the information on this page.

SEN Provision
You can see the SEN provisions for the student as well as the dates that they started and finished.

SEN Needs
You can see the SEN needs for the student, the dates that they started and finished and any detail provided.

Quality First Teaching Strategy
To set the quality first teaching strategy simply update the content within the text area. Once edited the content will be saved and a green popup message will confirm the item was saved successfully.

SEND Documents
You can see the documents that the school have attached to the student’s profile with a category of SEN Documents.

You can view documents directly, edit the documents details and download the document for offline viewing.

You can add one or more SEND Tags to a student’s profile. These can help to extend the SEND information available and required by the DfE. You can add anything you think will be useful as an SEND Tag, for example, “Laptop User”. Once a tag is added to a student’s profile the student will be displayed in the SEND Registers with a status of Monitoring. If they have an SEN Provision of “E” or “K” this will pull them into the SEND Register and will take priority as the indicator for the student but the tags will also be visible.


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