Email Suppressions#

Email suppressions are global rules about stopping any email being sent to an address.


This is not how to unsubscribe a user from a specific email, this will stop ALL emails of the specified type to an email address.


The suppression list works with email addresses, not user accounts. Adding a record to the suppression list won’t stop that user receiving emails should their email address change.


You must not remove email addresses from the suppression list without the users explicit permission to do so. This would directly breach the UK GDPR requirements and the user may file a report with ICO for a data breach.

Suppression Types#

There are two types of suppression “Transactional” and “Non-Transactional”.

  • Transactional

    • These are emails that are considered essential to the service. For example, password reset and account setup emails.

  • Non Transactional

    • These are emails that are optional. For example, the notification reminder email that is sent daily. Users generally have the ability to unsubscribe from these emails individually through their account preferences or the unsubscribe link in their email. They should be advised to do so, not added to the suppression list.

Adding a New Email Address#

You can add a new email address to the suppression list by selecting the Add option from the Email Suppressions section of the side menu.

You’ll need to enter the email address, select the type and optionally add some detail about why they are added. Click the save button to add the record.


We recommend adding detail wherever possible to allow the reason for them being suppressed to be available for anyone else viewing the records.

Editing the Suppression List#

To edit the email addresses that are on the suppression list, select the View / Edit option from the Email Suppressions section of the side menu.

You can then search for the record you’re looking for and update or delete it as necessary.


You should only remove an email address if you’re certain you should be doing so and understand why it was added in the first place.

Automatic Population#

The system will automatically populate entries into the suppression list when you try to send an email to an email address that is invalid. Email providers also report whether an email address exists or not and upon receiving such a report, the system adds that email address to the suppression list for the relevant type.

Email addresses will also be suppressed should the user opt out of the email or file a spam complaint.