Class Timetables#

Class Timetables are synced from SIMS if you have any module enabled.


This feature is currently in preview status. That means it’s not quite finished yet but we’re making it available to you so that you can give it a go and let us know what you think. We’d appreciate some feedback (good or bad) to help us improve the feature before it becomes the default experience.

What Data is Imported?#

The following details from the class timetable are imported, they are imported as class timetable events.

  • End Date - Mapped to event end date.

  • Period - Mapped to periods.

  • Room - Mapped to room.

  • Start Date - Mapped to event start date.

  • Staff Member - Mapped to event staff member.


Timetable events are only imported if the class exists. Check the Third Party Integration module for errors with a class if they don’t appear.

What Records Won’t be Imported?#

There are certain circumstances where a record won’t be imported.

The likely scenarios for a record failing are:

  • No class group - If the class group hasn’t been imported then the timetable won’t be imported.


We produce an output of the records that error so that you can see them and their errors. Allowing you to fix them and sync them successfully. These errors are also sent to us so that you can view them there.


The following SIMS permissions are required for the sync to complete successfully:

  • Curriculum -> Academic Basic -> View (All)

  • Curriculum -> Timetable Basic -> View(All)

  • School Management -> Home School -> View(All)

  • School Management -> School Diary -> View(All)

  • Staff -> Timetable and academic classes -> View(All)

  • Students -> Timetable and academic classes -> View(All)

The permissions required by other sync processes are also required. All permissions required for:

  • Class groups syncing

  • Year groups syncing