Staff Email Campaigns#

This functionality enables staff with permission to send emails with customised content directly to the staff in the school. Groups can be used to more easily identify the staff members to communicate with.

Creating a New Email#

To create a new email select the Staff Members option from the Emails section of the side bar.

The creation of the email is split up into a multi-step process to enable each step to be clear and concise.

You should start by entering a subject for your email and then entering the emails content. You can use the merge fields (available on the toolbar) to insert dynamic data into the messages content. The following merge fields are available:

  • Staff Member Forename

  • Staff Member Surname

Once you’ve completed the first step, click either the next button or the Recipients header to go to step 2.

This step allows you to select the recipients that you’d like to contact. You can then select either individual staff members or groups to make finding the right people easier. Once selected the list of staff members in the selected groups will be loaded on the right of the screen.

You can then make further selections of staff allowing you to contact only those people you need to. Use the checkboxes to include or exclude a staff member, there are Select All and Select None buttons allowing you to select all or none of the staff in the list. These selection options work with a filtered list when a search term is entered making selection of sub sets easier.

Once you’ve selected your recipients, move onto the final step by clicking the Next button or the Confirm & Send header.

This step is included to summarise the selections you’ve made to reduce the chance that you send an erroneous message to your colleagues. Please you double check the email and recipients are valid before sending. Once confirmed click the Send Message button to queue the email for sending.


Emails are queued for processing in the background so you don’t need to wait for it to complete. The emails will be processed and sent within a few minutes.


  • Send Custom Staff Member Emails