Message Batches#

Message batches contain a collection of SMS messages that were sent. For example when you send to a whole year group, this creates a batch that contains a message for each user in that group.

Viewing a Batch#

To view a message batch (or it’s individual messages) select the View option from the Messages section of the side menu. This will open the batch index screen for you to select the desired batch.

The batch index screen shows details of the batches including:

  • The id number of the batch.

  • The date and time the batch was created.

  • The number of messages that are in the batch and the number of successful messages. (Displayed as [NumberOfSuccessful]/[TotalMessages])

  • The status of the batch.

  • The notes for the batch.

  • The module the messages were sent from.

  • Was the batch generated automatically.

You can choose the batch you want to view details of by selecting the corresponding checkbox and clicking the edit icon on the tables action bar. You’ll be taken to the batch details screen.

Here you can see the details for the selected batch including:

  • When the batch was sent

  • Was it an automated batch

  • What the originator for this batch was

  • The module that the message originated from

  • The batches status

  • The notes attached to the batch (This includes the groups that you sent the messages to)

  • The individual messages details including their statuses

You can view the history of an individual message by selecting the corresponding checkbox and clicking the history icon on the tables action bar.

This view allows you to see what has happened to a message in it’s life cycle.


This is particularly useful if a parent contacted the school complaining that they hadn’t received a message (or were never sent one) and you can review the messages that they were sent and see if they were in fact delivered to their device or not.