Safeguarding Concern Reports#

This page shows you detailed information about the student’s safeguarding concern reports at the school.


You can see the following information about the concern reports in table format:

  • Date of Concern

    • The date and time of the concern report.

  • Reported By

    • Who reported the concern report.

  • Concern Type

    • The type of the concern report.

  • Status

    • The status of the concern report.

  • Areas of Concern

    • The areas of concern applied to the concern report.

  • Interventions

    • The interventions resulting from the concern report.


You can use the filter at the top of the screen to view data for another academic year.


You can click the View Concern Report button to see full details of the concern report.


This page is protected by the following permissions:

  • View All Concern Reports

This page is available to users with the following roles:

  • Staff Members

    • Available with permission

    • Automatically available to the school safeguarding lead

    • Automatically available to the student’s assigned safeguarding lead