Mentoring Forms#

This tab allows you to access the active responses for students in your form group. This helps you to easily track the mentoring forms that you need to review and students that have/have not completed their responses.

Response groups are shown starting with the earliest staff deadline date as this will be the most relevant form for you.

You can see details about each response group including:

  • Form - The associated mentoring form.

  • Name - The name of the response group.

  • Student Responses - The list of student responses and their associated submission statuses.


If the staff deadline date is within the next 7 days you’ll see a red underline and an exclamation mark icon letting you know.

You can also use the search bar to find a response for a specific student.

To view a specific response, click the corresponding view icon. This will open the response for you to view, see Mentoring Responses.


You can return a response to a student for amendments as long as you haven’t yet submitted your answers yet. Students will receive a notification letting them know.


Form tutors will receive notifications when the staff deadline date is nearby (currently 7 days before) and they have one or more outstanding responses within that response group. This serves as a reminder that there is work to be completed.