Profile Pictures#

Profile pictures are synced from SIMS if you have any module and your school have decided to enable profile pictures.

What Data is Imported?#

The profile pictures of valid student and staff users are synced from SIMS.

What Records Won’t be Imported?#

There are certain circumstances where a record won’t be imported. These are generally rare and are usually caused by some required data not being present on the associated record in SIMS.

Invalid student and staff users won’t have their profile pictures synced. For details about what makes a student or staff member invalid, please see their documentation sections.


We produce an output of the records that error so that you can see them and their errors. Allowing you to fix them and sync them successfully. These errors are also sent to us so that you can view them online.


The following SIMS permissions are required for the sync to complete successfully:

  • All People -> Person Photo -> View

The permissions required by other sync processes are also required. All permissions required for:

  • Staff member syncing (If syncing staff profile pictures)

  • Student syncing (If syncing student profile pictures)