Mentoring Responses#

A response is a specific students set of answers to a mentoring form within a response group. It allows the school to collect responses from students and manage the workflow associated to the mentoring process.

Creating a New Response#

You can manage student responses via the response group functionality, see Response Groups for more.

Viewing a Response#

You can view a student’s response if you have permission to view them. To do so either navigate to the student’s profile or if the response group is still outstanding you can access the responses via the form group or year group overview pages.

You’ll then be able to see the details of the form in full without being able to edit the content. This is useful to help the school maintain the integrity of the data by allowing only specific staff members to edit responses for students.

You can see the full details of the response including:

The name of the form.

Student Deadline
The deadline date for students to submit their responses by.

The student that is assigned to this response.

Student Submission Status
The status of the students submission.

Staff Deadline
The deadline date for the staff to submit their responses by.

Staff Member
The staff member that submitted the form.

Staff Submission Status
The status of the staff members submission.

Form sections will be shown in the correct order along with their contents. This allows you to see all the details of the form including the students answers.

Editing a Response#

As a staff member you can edit a response if you are the form tutor of the student assigned to the response or if you have the Manage All Mentoring Form Responses permission. As a student you can only edit responses assigned to you. There are a few ways to find a specific response depending on your level of access.

Form Tutors#

As a form tutor you can see active responses for your form group from the form groups overview screen, you can access this from the home page or via the Hub side menu. See Mentoring Forms for more.

Staff with Permissions#

As a staff member with permission to manage all responses you can access the responses from a students profile. You can view or edit any active response based on your permission level.


As a student you can access your responses from your profile.

Once you’ve found the response you can begin to edit the desired questions.

Each section within the form can only be edited by specific users. For example, the school may have configured the section to only be editable by staff members, student users will not be able to edit these sections and will see them faded to make this clear.


All sections and answers will be visible to all users but they’ll only be able to edit the sections assigned to their roles.

Some questions are required questions, they’ll be marked with an asterisk. These questions must be answered before you’ll be able to submit your responses.

Once all of the required fields you’re allowed to answer have been answered, you’ll be able to click the Submit button and submit your responses. Once submitted you won’t be able to edit your responses. You can still view the answers you gave at any time.

Each response has a deadline date for student submissions and another for staff submissions. Students must submit their responses first, followed by staff members. If you miss the deadline, you won’t be able to submit the response.


At any point in time students can access their responses from their Hub menu. Students also receive notifications at various stages and as certain actions are performed:

New Mentoring Form Assigned When a new response is assigned to a student by a staff member they receive a new notification informing them that they have a new form to complete.

Response Due Soon When a response is due in the next 7 days the student will receive a notification reminding them they need to complete the form.

Mentoring Form Deadline Updated When the deadline date for a response group is amended after being assigned to students each student will be sent a notification letting them know of the updated deadline date.


Students will receive a notification when:

  • Their deadline date is approaching (currently 7 days before) and they haven’t yet submitted their response. This serves as a reminder that they have outstanding work to be completed.

  • A response is returned to them by a staff member. When this happens your teacher is requesting that you amend one or more answers. You should usually have had discussions with your teacher before you see this notification.

Form Tutors#

Form tutors can see all active responses for their form group via their form group overview, see Mentoring Forms for more.

Heads of Year#

Heads of year can see all active responses for their year group via their year group overview, see Mentoring Forms for more.


This page is protected by the following permissions:

  • Manage All Mentoring Form Responses

  • View All Mentoring Form Responses

This page is available to users with the following roles:

  • Staff Members

    • Available with permission

    • Automatically available to view for staff that are the form tutor of the student.

  • Students

    • Automatically available to the assigned student.