Class Gradebooks#

Class Gradebooks are designed to help you see your classes performance as a whole. When used correctly it can help you support the students in your classes more easily.

You can use them to identify trends within your class, for example if all students found a particular topic difficult you’d be able to see a decrease in the grades achieved and could adjust your lesson plans accordingly.

They can also be useful for identifying students that might need additional support in general, if a students grades have recently declined it might be worth discussing why this could be with the student.

Viewing a Gradebook#

To view a gradebook for a class, select the Class Gradebooks option from the gradebooks section of the side bar. This will open the select a class page.


You can also access the gradebook from the My Classes screen.

You’ll see a list of all of the classes you are a supervisor of.


If you have permission you’ll be able to see all classes in the drop down list not just your own.

Once selected you’ll be taken to the gradebook for that class.

Here you can see all of the supervisors for a given class, as well as the number of students in the class and the number of tasks in the gradebook.

Students are shown as rows within the gradebook and tasks are shown as the columns. Tasks are assigned a numeric identifier, this is not related to the task in any way it’s simply the order in which they fall when ordered by the deadline date. You can view the title of the task and the deadline date by hover over the columns header.


You can click on the task number in the header of the table to be taken to the task details view where you’ll be able to edit the task or view it’s details depending on your permissions.

Each student will have their grades displayed within their row of the gradebook. Each task for each student will be given a symbol representing it’s current state. The possible symbols are:

  • “-” - Meaning the task was not assigned to this student.

  • “x” - Meaning the task was assigned to the student but they did not submit any work.

  • “?” - Meaning the task was assigned to the student and they have submitted some work. It has not yet been graded and is waiting on the staff member completing the grading process.

All other symbols are representations of your schools configured grades

If you hover over a grade that you entered additional comments against when grading the submission you’ll see those comments in a popup.


You can click on a student with either a “?” symbol or a symbol representing a grade to be taken straight to their submissions details.


You can also change class by clicking the change class button at the bottom of the page.


  • View All Class Gradebooks

  • View Class Gradebooks