Active Incidents#

This tab allows you to access active incidents for the year group for the current academic year. This helps you to paint a clearer picture of the students current school situation. For example, if they’re misbehaving it may be related to an incident that just happened.

You can use the filters to select different types of incidents to view. By default, you’ll see all active incidents for the year group. You can select from:

  • All Incidents - Showing all active incidents.

  • Serious Incidents - Showing all active serious incidents.

  • Low Level Incidents - Showing all active low level incidents.

You can also enter a search term in the search box to filter the list of incidents further within the category to help you find a specific task. You can search for the student or staff member of an incident.

Each incidents information is displayed within a card including:

  • Reported By - The staff member that reported the image including their profile picture.

  • Location - The location that the incident took place.

  • Date and Time - The date and time the incident took place.

  • Students - The students that were involved in the incident. This may include students not in the selected year group but will include at least one student that was.

  • Categories - The categories assigned to the incident.

If the incident was a serious incident you’ll see an icon signifying this in the top right corner of the card and a red underline beneath the header.

If you have permission to view the incident’s details you’ll be able to click the view button in the top right hand corner of the card.


This page is protected by the following permissions:

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  • Staff Members

    • Available with permission

    • Automatically available for heads of year