Initial Setup#

When first setting up the Behaviour module you should complete the following steps. The Readiness Check process can also help to highlight areas you many have overlooked.

The following should be configured:

  • All of the severity levels you’d like to use with detentions are created. See Detention Severity Levels for more information.

  • The time slots you’d like to use with detentions are created. See Detention Time Slots for more information.

  • Incident categories that you want to be available should be created. See Incident Categories for more information.

  • Any incident outcome types you’d like to use should be created. See Incident Outcome Types for more information.

  • The periods of the school day should be added. See Periods for more information.

  • The subjects that the school use should be added. See Subjects for more information.

You should also ensure that staff have permission to create incidents, our recommendation is that you provide all staff that should be able to create an incident the following permissions:

  • Add Comments

  • Add Contact Record Entries

  • Edit Comments

  • Edit Contact Record Entries

  • Manage Incidents

  • View Comments

  • View Contact Record Entries


In order to remain secure, it’s considered a good approach to only assign permissions to people that actually need them. To this end you should ensure that you only provide permissions to staff that need them.

Administrators should be provided additional permissions as required.

More detailed information about using each piece of functionality can be found within the relevant help documentation section.