Templates are a way for standard content to be laid out for specific actions/circumstances. You can create SMS Message templates that will be used only within the SMS Messaging module.

Replacement tokens can be added to the templates from a list of available tokens. These values will be replaced when the message is generated and allow you to insert information such as the users forename.


Some templates come pre-defined with default values, they are messages that we think you will find useful. See Pre-Defined Templates.

Add a new Template#

To add a new template select the create menu option from templates section of the side menu. This will present the create template screen.

You should enter the required information and click the save button to create the template.


An estimate of the credits that the message will use is shown. See SMS Message Credits for more information about message credits.

Editing an Existing Template#

To edit an existing template select the View / Edit option from the templates section of the side menu. This will open a list of the current templates, to edit a specific one select the corresponding checkbox and click the edit button on the tables action bar.

The selected template will open in edit view. You can update the required information and click the save button to update the template.

Deleting a Template#

You can delete a template by navigating to the desired templates edit view and then clicking the delete button. You’ll be asked to confirm your action before the template is deleted.

Pre-Defined Templates#

The following templates come pre-defined, they are used for specific functionality throughout the application.

Detention Cancelled#

This message template is used by Behaviour to notify parents/guardians when a detention is cancelled.

The following replacement tokens are available within this template.

  • $$DetentionDate$$

    • This is replaced with the date of the detention that triggered the message.