SIMS Integration#

The system has optional integration with the SIMS product. If you want to turn this on, you’ll need to speak with your account manager.

This integration provides many conveniences to the school and reduces the amount of configuration you need to do. It also helps to keep data synced between us and SIMS.


If you’re making big changes to the information being synced, such as changing the structure of your school day, please contact your account manager to discuss migration to the new structure.

How Often Is This Process Run#

The sync process runs once a day and we recommend that it’s run outside of school hours during the middle of the night.


Scheduling the sync tools to run in the middle of night mean that there is unlikely to be any impact on system performance for users while they are using the service. They will simply come into school the next day and the sync will have run.

How Long Does It Take#

How long the process takes to run is entirely based on how much data is being synced.

For example, a school with 500 students will take significantly less time to complete than one with 2000 students.

Another factor to take into account is the amount of changes made during the day, if you’ve just added or modified a large amount of data it will take longer to complete the sync than a day when little or no changes have been made.

The good news is you don’t have to do anything either way, when the sync tool runs on your server it sends all of the data to be processed and we handle the rest. It’s a data intensive process which is why we schedule it to run during the night when it doesn’t impact your users.


While processing the records there are certain situations where records can’t be processed for various reasons. Details of the reasons for each data set are shown in their relevant pages.

The two scenarios for errors are:

  • On Site - Where the syncing application that runs at your school identifies an issue with a record that stops it being possible to sync it.

  • Inside MYA - Where the data isn’t incorrect but it violates one or more rules when being processed. (For example, a user with the specified username already exists)

In both circumstances errors are recorded online so that you can view and correct the issues. Where possible we will give detail about the error allowing you to identify a potential fix more easily.

SIMS User Permissions#

In order for the sync to be able to access your SIMS data you’ll need to create an account within SIMS. Each user account in SIMS is assigned permissions to control what features of SIMS they can access.

Each data set within the sync requires specific SIMS permissions to run. You’re in control of what permissions you assign to the user associated with the sync tools but the sync will not be able to run without the correct permissions. It is the school responsibility to ensure that these permissions are applied correctly. If you have any questions about the permissions please contact your account manager or raise a new support request.

Each data set’s help documentation page contains details of the permissions it requires to run. Many of the data sets depend on other data sets also being synced therefore the permissions often form a chain whereby one data set requires the permissions of another as well as some additional permissions. Please review each data set’s documentation for details about the required permissions.