Rooms are synced from SIMS if you have the Bookings module enabled. In this case the rooms that are configured in SIMS are imported.

What Data is Imported#

The following details from the room are imported, they are imported as resources to the Classroom resource type in the Bookings module.

  • Description - Mapped to Description

  • ID - Mapped to Third Party ID (This field isn’t visible to users)

  • Short Name/Long Name - Mapped to Name (The long name is used if it’s available otherwise the short name is used)


Upon import all rooms are set as bookable by default. If you want to prevent a room being booked, you’ll need to update this option for the resources.


In order to make the most of the Bookings, we recommend you go through the list of imported rooms and add appropriate tags to them. For example, tag the Computer Rooms.


The following SIMS permissions are required for the sync to complete successfully:

  • School Management -> Room Details -> View (All)