Applicant Role Removal Tool#

This tool is designed to remove the “Sixth Form Applicant” user role from users that also have the “Student” role and an application with one of the selected statuses. This can be useful to prevent students that have applied to sixth form and then subsequently joined the school from seeing the sixth form application banner on their dashboard.

Using the Tool#

To use the tool select the Applicant Role Removal option from the Tools section of the Admissions menu.

Select the academic year containing the applications that you’d like to remove user roles of and then select the statuses that should be checked. Once you’ve selected all the information, click the Remove Roles button. You’ll be asked to confirm your choices before the roles are removed from student accounts.


This process updates a large amount of data and cannot be reversed, so please double check you’ve selected the correct academic year and statuses before proceeding.

When complete a green message will be shown confirming the action was completed successfully.


The following permissions control access to this functionality:

  • Access Applicant Role Removal Tool