Student Record#

The student record for behaviour provides a way for the school to send the relevant information about a student on to another school when the student leaves. You may find it useful for other situations as well, it contains full details of all behaviour information for the student in a single page.

The page was designed to be printer friendly and be possible to print if required.


We don’t recommend printing this report if you can avoid it, it will likely use lots of paper and can just as easily be sent as a PDF using your browsers “Print to PDF” features.

When viewing the student record as a user with permission to edit all incidents you’ll be able to click the edit link next to each item in the student record to amend the details of the items as required. This can be useful to clean up a student’s record before sending it on to another school.

Front Page#

The first page of the student record is a “front page” it contains:

  • A photo of the student

  • The student’s name

  • A title for the document

  • Number of Incidents

    • The total number of incidents in the student’s record.

  • Number of Detentions

    • The total number of detentions in the student’s record.

Additional student information is also available:

  • Attendance Percentage

    • The student’s attendance percentage for the current academic year.

  • Free School Meal Indicator

    • Is the student currently eligible for free school meals.

  • Looked After Indicator

    • Is the student currently looked after.

  • Previously Looked After Indicator

    • Was the student ever looked after.

  • Pupil Premium Indicator

    • Is the student currently eligible for pupil premium.

  • Social Worker Indicator

    • Does the student currently have an assigned social worker.

  • Special Education Needs Indicator

    • The student’s current SEN provision.

Data Items#

The rest of the report can contain any number of data items from the following choices; incidents. Each item has it’s contents explained below. Each data item is shown in chronological order with the most recent item being shown first.


An incident is shown in the record as a data item. The date that the incident report is made is used when ordering the items in the chronology for the student. The information shown about a concern report is:

Date of Incident
The date that the incident occurred, this is provided by the reporter when they report the incident and represents the date that the event that triggered the incident happened.

Student Role
The role that was assigned to the student when the incident was reported.

The status of the incident.

The location that was recorded when the incident was reported.

Location Detail
Any detail associated to the reported location providing further context to the selected location.

The categories that were applied by the school in relation to this incident. The school can apply multiple categories to better describe the incident.

Incident Description
The description containing the content that was provided when the initial report was made by a staff member.

Staff Informed
Any staff members at the school that were informed of the incident when it occurred.

The activity items are the activities that happened as part of related activities to the incident. The available activities are; outcome, contact record entry or comment. Each activity item will show the user that created it and the date it was created. Within each incident the activity items are shown in chronological order with the most recent item shown first.


A comment is an area of an incident where the school can record related conversation and clarifications about the incident. You will see the content of the comment inside the card.

Contact Record Entry#

A contact record entry is an area of an incident where the school can record related communication with various parties or organisations. You will be able to see which contact method was used and the detail about the contact that was recorded by the school.


An outcome is an action that was taken by the school to try and support the student as a result of this incident. You can see the type of the outcome and a description if one was configured by the school, this will tell you what action the school took. The status of the outcome and any detail recorded by the school is also available.


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