Information Update Requests#

As part of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) users have the right to request that their personal information is updated and correct. This section explains how this can be accomplished.

Making an Information Update Request#

You can request an update to your information in your My Account section it creates a request for that information to be updated. If you have a pending information update request, you’ll see a warning bar on your personal information section informing you.

Each request must be approved by a data administrator at the school to ensure that the data looks relevant and not suspect.

After you’ve made a request it gets added to a queue for review by the school. Once reviewed you’ll receive a notification informing you of the outcome.

Approved Requests#

If your request is approved, your information will be updated and you’ll receive a notification informing you that this has happened.

Denied Requests#

If your request is denied, you’ll receive a notification containing the reason it was denied by the school.

Reviewing an Information Update Request#

As a staff member with permission you’ll be able to see the requests that have ben made by users, review their content and either approve or deny the request. To view the pending requests select the View / Edit option from Information Update Requests section of the side menu.

To review an individual request, select the corresponding checkbox and click the edit icon on the tables action bar. This will take you to the edit view for the request.

Here you can see a comparison of the current and requested data. Any fields that have changed are highlighted.

You can review the data to ensure it looks valid and isn’t going to cause any issues communicating with the user.

If the data looks valid you can approve the request by clicking the approve button.

If the data looks incorrect, you should deny the request and explain why you have denied it in the provided text box. This message will be shown to the user as the reason for denial.


If something doesn’t look quite right you might want to call the user to confirm the updated information. This is particularly relevant with parental contact information.

Once you’ve accepted or denied the request it will be removed from your active list and the user informed of the outcome.


As a staff member that is in the group specified in the Data Administrators User Group setting, you’ll receive a new notification whenever a new information update request is filed by a user.

You can click the header of the notification (or the link icon) to be taken straight to the requests edit screen.

As a user that has filed an information update request, you’ll receive a notification once the outcome of your request has been decided. You’ll see either an approved or a denied notification.


To provide a staff user with access to this functionality you should apply the following permissions.

  • Process Information Update Requests


If a user doesn’t have the correct permissions but is in the user group used in the Data Administrators User Group setting they will see the notification but not be able to act upon it.