Integration Errors#

The integration errors page allows you to see any errors that have occurred with integrations. These are usually issues with the data or required fields not being present.

Integration errors are valid for a small window. This is because the data is likely to be constantly changing. Errors are removed at the start of the following days sync to ensure they remain up to date and relevant to the current data. You should should try to deal with errors as soon as possible because they likely mean there is some data missing that you would like to be there.


If you have any issues resolving integration errors, please create a new support request and we will help with the resolution.

Viewing Errors#

To view the integration errors select the View Errors option under the Integration section of the admin side menu. This will display the datasets that currently contain errors.

Find the dataset you would like to view the errors for and double click the rows or click the view button on the tables action bar.

You can see the following information for each record with errors:

  • Error - The error message(s) relating to that record. This should tell you what’s wrong and where possible will also tell you the likely resolution.

  • Type - The type of error, does this error signify an issue in MYA (where the rules within the system have been violated) or an error in the third party system (for example, a user is missing an email address).

You can click the eye icon to view the data that relates to the error, this can be useful to gain more context about the issue.

Once you’ve dealt with the error and no longer wish to see it in the list, you can click the delete icon to remove the error. The next time the sync runs the error will re-appear if you didn’t fix the issue.


One of the most common reasons we’ve identified for a failure is that the username is already taken by another user. It could also be that you have manually set up that users account, in this case you can just link the account by entering the third party id for that user from the third party system. (See each third party’s specific integration section for the correct id to be used).


Due to the fact that many of the datasets depend on each other it can appear as if there are far more errors than there actually are. When dealing with the errors from the sync process try to deal with the core datasets first. The Students, Staff and Contacts datasets are often the root cause of many other errors. They form the key data areas on which all other datasets depend. Fix any errors with these key datasets first and then let the sync process run again, any remaining errors are those which need rectification.


If there are new integration errors then the users within the group specified in the Integration Error Administrators setting are notified via the notification system on a daily basis until the errors are all resolved.


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