Exclusion Analytics#

The permanent exclusion analytics report is designed to show senior leaders at the school an overview of the current position for permanent exclusions within the school. It shows a number of summary figures and some breakdowns containing information about the exclusions. You can use the academic year drop down to change the academic year you’re viewing data for.


  • Students on Roll - The number of students on roll at the school.

  • Student With Exclusions - The number of students with at least one exclusion.

  • Total Exclusions - The total number of exclusions.

  • FPE (Fixed Periods of Exclusion) - The FPE result for the school.

Year Groups#

This shows a breakdown of the year groups within the school showing the same information as the summary section but scoped to a single year group. This allows you to see a comparison of the year groups within the school and see which is in need of support.


This shows a breakdown of the students within the school that have had an exclusion. You can see the student, their form group and the number of exclusions that they have had. You can click the View Student Incidents button to see details of the student’s behaviour at the school.


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