Process Overview#

This document lays out the overall process (from a high level) that the Sixth Form Admissions module guides you through.

  1. Applicant - Creates an application and account.

  2. Applicant - Completes required application fields.

  3. Applicant - Submits application to the school for review.

  4. School - Review the content of the application and query any misleading or missing information that they require.

  5. School - Update the status to signify that the application has been reviewed and is complete.

  6. School/Applicants/Contacts - Keep the application information up to date and communicate any changes via the Talk To Us mechanism.

  7. School - Run a random selection batch and update the application statuses as per results to make conditional offers of places or inform the applicant they have been unsuccessful at this time.

  8. Applicants - If unsuccessful ask to be placed on the waiting list, and school update statuses to reflect this.

  9. School - Send course guidance appointments to successful applicants.

  10. Applicant - Attends course guidance meeting, confirming their conditional offer.

  11. Applicant - Upload proof of results once they are received in August.

  12. School - Review the uploaded documents to confirm the entry criteria have been met and update status to reflect.

At a later date once the applicants have had an appropriate amount of time to update their applications with their results a second random selection batch should be run to allow the school to fill any places that have now become available. This process can be repeated as often as required to ensure that all available places at the school are filled.


Late applications must be accepted. Therefore you can provide a deadline date via the Application Deadline Date setting, applications received after this date will be automatically marked as late. These applications are ineligible for the first round of offers and are automatically placed on the waiting list for future selection.


In order to make the appeals process as easy as possible for the school and any applicants/contacts all communication should be added to the application via the Talk To Us messaging window. This allows a record of communication to be kept with the application.


At any stage an applicant may request that their application is withdrawn, in this case the school should update the status to reflect this. The application will remain associated to the academic year but will no longer be counted within the currently “active” applications and will not feature in any future random selection batches. An application should not be considered as withdrawn unless a request has come directly from the applicant, it is suggested that a request coming from a contact should be verified with the applicant as well before being completed.