The timetable shows information relevant to the classes that a staff member is teaching. You can see the class group, subjects and room that relate to each timetabled event. If there is no timetabled event at a given date and time there will be a greyed out message saying “No Timetabled Class”. You can see today’s classes more clearly as the header is highlighted with a bold colour. Non-teaching periods such as break and lunch are visible on the timetable with a narrower box helping you to visually break up the timetable into the portions of the day.


If the staff member timetabled to teach the class has booked a classroom you’ll see the original timetabled room crossed out and the booked room will be shown next to it. This allows you to more easily locate students in the event of an emergency.

In the event the staff member didn’t have a timetabled class but made a classroom booking you’ll be able to see the reference for that booking in their timetable.

You can switch between weeks of the timetable by clicking the next and previous buttons in the header bar. The currently visible dates are shown under each day of the week.

The timetable also shows information about your detentions. You can see how many students attended a detention, where it was and its severity level.


If you don’t see a timetabled event that you think should be there you should check with your administrators and see if there have been any syncing issues with the third party system that your timetable is coming from. The most likely cause is that there was an issue syncing a class group.

You can also click on:

  • A class groups timetabled period to be taken to their dashboard.

  • A booking to be taken to the edit page for the booking.