School SEND Register#

The school level SEND Register shows a record of all students with a current SEN Provision of K or E. Students will also be included in the SEND register with a “Monitoring” label if they have one or more SEN Tags added to their accounts.

You can see the following information about each student within the register:

The student’s name recorded.

Form Group
The current form group for the student.

Year Group
The student’s current year group.

This will show the student’s current SEN Provision code “E” or “K” when they have an active provision. Or, if the student is included because of their SEN Tags, this will show “Monitoring”.

Need Types
This shows a full list of SEN Need Types for the student as well as any detail associated to the need type.

This shows a full list of all SEN Tags that have been added by the school to the student.

You also have a number of quick actions available for each student:

View SEN Information
This will take you to the student’s SEN Information tab in their profile.

View Profile
This will take you to the student’s profile to access any other information about them.


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