The detentions page shows more detailed information about the detentions a student has received.


The following charts are available. Each chart is accompanied by a data table showing the full details of the data within the chart.


Shows a breakdown of the attendance marks for the detentions the student has received.


Shows a breakdown of the categories related to the detentions that have been given to the student.

Staff Members#

Shows a breakdown of which staff members have been giving the student detentions.


Shows a breakdown of the subjects in which detentions have been given to the student.


It also shows the following information about the detentions in table format:

  • Categories

    • The categories that were applied to this detention. These are reason(s) for the detention being given.

  • Date

    • The date the detention was set.

  • Set By

    • The teacher that gave the detention to the student.

  • Slot

    • The slot that the detention was assigned to in the school day.

  • Status

    • The status of the detention.


You can use the filter at the top of the screen to view data for another academic year.


This page is protected by the following permissions:

  • View Staff Student View Dashboard

This page is available to users with the following roles:

  • Parent/Guardian

    • Automatically available for their linked students

  • Staff Members

    • Available with permission

  • Student

    • Automatically available for their own information