Supported Browsers#

The following browsers are supported. Any browser not listed may still work but it is not recommended that you use it. In some cases browsers might not be supported due to them being insecure.


You should keep your browser as up to date as possible. An out of date browser won’t have had any security fixes applied to it and may therefore open your system up to malicious attacks.

Google Chrome#

This is our recommended browser. We extensively test the platform in the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. Therefore we can guarantee the best performance when using this browser.

We support the latest version of Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox#

We support the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Edge#

This is the replacement for Internet Explorer. We support the latest version of the Edge browser.

Internet Explorer#

We don’t support the Internet Explorer browser as it has been retired by Microsoft.


This means that Internet Explorer 11 is no longer receiving updated from Microsoft to fix security vulnerabilities and as such you should not be using this browser.

Other Browsers#

Other browsers aren’t officially supported but are likely to work all the same.


Should your school have a specific browser requirement that isn’t in the list of supported browsers please bring this up with your account manager and they can discuss the compatibility with you.