Notifications are used across all modules, they are a way for users to be prompted of a pending action or informed of some information that they may otherwise be unaware of.

The number of new notifications that you have is shown by the notification icon on the top menu bar.

To expand the notifications area and see details of your notifications, click the notification icon on the top menu bar.

Each notifications details are shown including:

  • The content

  • The date and time

  • The priority

  • The title


The first 2 lines of the notifications content are shown. If additional content is available you can see it by clicking the down arrow next the notification.


If it’s possible for you to manually clear the notification, you can do so by clicking the close icon in the top right corner of the corresponding notification.

To hide the notification area, click the notification button on the top menu bar again (or click somewhere in the main window).


Some notifications cannot be manually cleared. You must complete the corresponding action in order to remove the notification. In this respect the notifications bar represents a ‘To Do List’ of actions.


All notifications are automatically cleared by the system after 30 days whether they’ve been viewed or not. This is in order to prevent a large scale build up of notifications for users that are not viewing them.