The following lists are customisable within the Sixth Form Admissions module. Each list requires you to first select the academic year for which the items apply.

Additional Application Questions#

This list contains additional questions that will be asked on an application form. Each question has:

  • Text

  • Description - this will be shown under the information icon next to the question.

  • Display Order

  • Default Value

  • Editable by Applicant - A flag to determine whether or not the applicant and their contacts can edit the answer to the question.

  • Visible to Applicant - A flag to determine whether or not the applicant and their contacts can see the question.


Questions with Visible to Applicant set to “No” will only be visible to school staff.

Application Statuses#

This list contains the statuses that an application can be set to. Each status has a name, an associated message and a field to configure if the application can be edited by the applicant and their contacts when this status is selected. You can also set the default status using the default field.

The signifies offer and signifies withdrawn fields enable the random selection process to know which statuses should be ignored and which should effect the number of places available.


The default status is the one that new applications that are received by the school are assigned.


This list contains the courses that are being offered to students. You can specify the name of the course as well as a link to the page that contains the course information. The Is Exempt field is provided to allow a course to be selected in more than one option block.


You won’t be able to remove a course if it is currently assigned to an option block. You must delete the option block course mappings containing the course before you’ll be able to remove it.

Option Blocks#

This list contains the option blocks that the school use. Each option block must be given a name and optionally a description.

Option Block Courses#

This list allows an option block to have it’s valid course configuration assigned. These assignments determine the choices that are available for selection in an application. You must also configure the number of places available to each course in each option block, this is used later in the process for the random selection of successful applicants.

In addition to the academic year you must select the option block to view the course mappings for. Once selected the courses list will be loaded for editing.


You will not be able to remove an option block course if it has already been selected within an application. If you need to remove the mapping you must first remove all selections of it from applications. It’s recommended you talk with the applicant and offer an alternative or explain why the course they selected is no longer available.