Version 8.7#

Released: 09 Apr 2023


Student Contacts#

  • Updated the API to support syncing of historical student data. We will now sync student contacts for students that are no longer on roll for your configured number of years.

  • Updated to support syncing all student contacts of any priority.

  • We will now sync a contact without an email address. This change allows you to see all student contacts on a students record irrespective of whether the contact can log in or not. Contacts do still need an email address (and parental responsibility) in order to have an account created that they can log in with. Therefore we do recommend collecting email addresses for all parental responsibility contacts.

  • Only those contacts with parental responsibility will receive a setup email and be able to log in and see student data.

  • Removed obsolete priorities to sync app setting.

SIMS Integration#

Student Contacts#

  • Updated the sync tool to support sending historical student contact data to us.

  • Improved the performance of the student contact syncing and reduced the overhead required on your SIMS server for running this sync.

  • Added new settings to optimise how historical student contact data is synced with us.

Year Groups#

  • Fixed an issue causing some historical year groups to not sync as intended.


  • Security updates to the underlying platform.