Document Library#

The document library provides a way for the application process to be extended, when necessary. It allows your school to upload additional documents that can perform one of several functions, some examples could be:

  • Predicted Grades Template - A document template that contains a structure for applicants to complete. They can then upload the completed document to their application.

  • Application Handbook - A document that is for reference only, your applicants could download and read the content of the reference document.

Upload a New Document#

To upload a new document to the library select the Upload option from the Document Library section of the menu.

Complete the form details including:

  • Academic Year - The academic year to which the document belongs.

  • Name - The name that the document will be advertised under within the document library.

  • Description - A description of the document that will be shown within the document library entry for this document.

  • Document - The actual document file itself, this will be available for download by users. It should be one of the valid formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf).

  • Intended for Upload - This indicates whether the document is a template which has the intent of being uploaded to applications.

  • Visible to Applicants and Contacts - Indicates whether the document is available for applicants and contacts to download.


If the intended for upload flag is set to yes the document must be below the maximum file size allowed for application documents otherwise users won’t be able to add it to their application. It is recommended that it is significantly smaller than the limit so that once complete it is still below the limit.


The reason the file format is restricted when adding documents is that not all users will have some of the more abnormal software packages required to open them. A good example of this would be a “.pub” file, it doesn’t come as part of the standard Microsoft Office package.

Click the create button when complete and you’ll be taken to the Manage screen.

Manage Document Library#

To manage a document select the Manage option from the Document Library section of the menu.

You’ll need to select the academic year to view documents for, after which you’ll see a list of the configured document library entries.

To edit an entry, select the corresponding checkbox from the first column of the table and select the edit icon in the tables action bar. This will open the edit screen.

The current details of the entry are loaded. To update the information, edit the desired fields and click the update button.


You can upload a new document by clicking the Add button from the tables action bar.

You can delete an entry select its checkbox and click the delete button in the tables action bar.

View Document Library#

As an applicant, contact or staff member you can view the library of documents that are available by selecting the View option from the Document Library section of the menu.


Staff members can only access this with relevant permissions.

All of the documents that you can access will be shown.

The documents name and description will be shown along with a link to download the document.


Applicants and contacts will only be able to see documents configured to be visible to them.


You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find the document you’re looking for.